Hello, Boomstick Interactive

Aloha! Welcome to Boomstick Interactive!

This is the very beginning of our blog. Here at Boomstick, we aim to create simple and fun games for your mobile phone. Our blog will focus on keeping you up to date with all of our games. We will share anything from progress on our games to exclusive launch events.

Though we are based out of Indianapolis, IN, we tend to think of ourselves as a global corporation. We tend to think and even prefer our HQ to move on a daily basis. At any point in time you could find our team sippin’ coffee out of Canada, enjoying a cold beer on the beach in the Philippines, or tasting the fine wines of Argentina.

At Boomstick, we have been very busy the past few months. We were founded in November of 2014 and after some trial and error, launched our first game in February of 2015. After a small success, we have grown to two development teams and are building around 10 games per month. Currently, we have 10 games built with 3 released and 7 waiting for review. We have 9 more apps in development with launch dates ranging from next week to early June 2015.


  1. Big Win Roulette
  2. Athena’s Farkle
  3. Athena’s Hi Lo

Waiting On Review:

  1. Safari Runner
  2. Athena’s Roulette
  3. Athena’s Yahtzee
  4. Athena’s Blackjack
  5. Mayan Pyramid Solitaire
  6. Egyptian Slots
  7. Athena’s Slots

In Development:

  1. Couch Jumper
  2. Slot ‘O Rama
  3. Obstacle Runner
  4. Zombie Runner
  5. Jurassic Runner
  6. Hobbit Runner
  7. Zombie Cross
  8. Jurassic Cross
  9. Hobbit Cross

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you continue join us and are enjoying this wild ride, we sure are!

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